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Personal Work

tainted pathways

Take Me


take me

through the madness, take me

through the pain, move me

prove the strain, make me

truth is hurtful, stake me

refute the order, break me


break the rules, forsake me

stake the powers, shake me

make your dreams, train me

move your soul, believe me

take my heart, save me

save me

Freelance Photographer

Neon Gravestones


Seductive. Sweet. Tempting.


The Night life is what media wants us to want. Portrayed as this endless party, fulfilling every hope and desire.

When you don't feel complete, the stranger across the dance floor can fix it.

When you wish you are more, the cocktails will give it to you.

When you want to be included, the barkeep will spoil you.


At the end of the night, the only thing left is you, the darkness, and neon. It isn't until the next night that your desires are filled once again.