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My clients can expect a plethora of abilities. Having been trained with many styles, I am able to show their products or ideas however they need, while staying true to my style.

My Story





Growing up, Jax Crowder’s mom always had her camera in her hand, so they naturally gravitated to the photographic arts. Jax has always experienced the world through unique situations so they felt a need to begin documenting my viewpoints.

After their Navy contract ended in 2017, they dove headfirst into photography and began studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design to achieve their Bachelor of Fine Arts, concentrating on Documentary Photography. After graduating, you can find them in Atlanta following major events.

You can find them on most socials as @jcrowderphoto and clubhouse as @_OwnKindOfMagic

Jax is also an energy worker and intuitive. To learn more about their energy work offerings, click below.

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